Have you ever ever stopped to suppose that the arena has modified and that our children’s education is delayed, in a manner, incorrect? Think about IT!The modifications that our lives go through over the years come from evolution Education System and they may be a whole lot extra impactful with the discovery and development of era. A new profile of humans, work and life-style turned into created.

But colleges have now not accompanied this evolution at the rate they must, and this indicates us as a minimum 6 primary problems:

But what does that imply?

This machine educates the pupil by means of lots and the development of these “masses” occurs as though we had been ringing bells:

– Time of the primary level: increase (time runs out) allow’s visit the second level: develop (once more, this stage runs out of time and we visit the subsequent one)That is, the entirety is standardized, follows a script, is mechanical. Not anything more than following instructions Education System. As it was within the business Age, in which employees had to observe the steps to succeed at the manufacturing line.

The world these days needs/VALUES innovative people, COLLABORATIVE WITH SOCIETY, and therein lies the first huge trouble of the academic structure!

Following the version of “following instructions”, children do not exercise their creativity, they do now not discover ways to have ideas and collaborate with the development of studying, inner or outside the study room.

inside the faculty environment, kids do no longer have autonomy over “what they could do with their time”. Everything is controlled and timed.

At this factor, you would possibly assume:

It is a good aspect youngsters do not have this autonomy, they’re no longer organized to coordinate their time! (wrong!)Believe me, even specialists say that autonomy is extremely vital for youngsters.

It is something that at once influences the way they lead their lives and the reality that they may be controlled, not able to make selections on a way to coordinate their own time, leaves them unmotivated and bored.

Imagine how much understanding they lose by means of dropping interest! Believe your self, having your time absolutely controlled by way of different human beings’s guidelines, now not your rules!

Studying methodology: no longer genuine!

In faculty, all we ought to do is memorize and repeat, analyze some of subjects and prove that we’ve got found out in an upcoming examination.Allow’s be honest, how lots did you forget right after the test? This isn’t always an authentic technique of getting to know.

No room for passions and interests (pastimes):

We human beings are unique, unique in our own way, however what about at school? Regardless of our differences in tastes or interests, there is a popular studying roadmap that applies to all people, unchanged.The hassle with this framework for children is, how will they know what they need to do with their lives, which they are truely accurate at? How will each suit into the sector?

Variations inside the way of mastering:

Our learning doesn’t have the identical speed, it is now not a widespread for all human beings!

But the academic device does not recollect this truth, as we have stated before Education System, it follows a pattern, a agenda, so individuals who take a longer time to absorb the learning are harmed, believe the teaching being “run over”, given that, even now not having understood 100% of the cloth, we take the EXAME and circulate on to the following segment of the agenda.

We are not speakme about repeating the yr, we’re speaking about progress at some stage in the faculty year, keep in mind that it is folks who “need extra time” who regularly emerge as staying in recuperation, which, among different elements, can disrupt self-esteem and children’s willingness to analyze?

 LECTURED lessons

In the school room surroundings, there are approximately 5 hours where the teacher SPEAKS and the scholar LISTENS, as in a lecture.

After which we bear in mind, kids uninterested in the content material, unable to have interaction, children at a extraordinary level of expertise listening to the identical subject, at the equal time ,

Are you able to apprehend the confusion in a lecture room of this kind?

We understand that, presently, a few faculties have tried  Education to adapt the teaching version, but the fear of dropping manipulate introducing technology or a greater dynamic coaching approach that aims to combine the scholar into mastering, making interactions is an awful lot extra than the potential to re-train themselves so that you can train.

There is lots to alternate within the educational machine, it is up to you, father and mother, to go out searching out the school that quality suits the sample of children of this new era!

Big issues in schooling: understand the demanding situations of traditional training

One in every of the most important issues of dad and mom is the excellent of training their kids acquire. At faculty, similarly to getting to know content for the doorway exam Education System, they’re being organized for the future, for the world they will locate in 15 years. That is why it is so crucial that the faculty has a futuristic imaginative and prescient and is devoted to education for the destiny. The traditional version faces many problems in education precisely because it’s far carefully linked to the methodologies of the past as opposed to searching for new answers.

Schooling is one in all the most important worries of parents, especially with reference to the nice of schooling that is supplied in college establishments.

At college, further to learning content material corresponding to each stage of education, children are being organized for the destiny, this is, for the arena they’ll find 15 years from now, of their adulthood, as an example.

This reveals big troubles in education, also displaying that there’s a need to paintings on educational practice inside the lecture room, no longer only the construction of knowledge, but additionally Education System the transmission of moral, moral and cultural values to the new generations, as well as an variation to the time wherein we stay in society. This is why it’s so critical that the school has a futuristic imaginative and prescient and is devoted to schooling for technology and its makes use of in society Education.

The conventional version brings numerous problems in education, in particular in the provide of tutorial practices inside the classroom, precisely because it is very linked to the methodologies of the beyond.

Issues OF THE contemporary academic gadget

In place of seeking out new solutions to the troubles in schooling and the cutting-edge demands of the society in which we live, the traditional methodology appears to head in opposition to the so-known as technological age, not contemplating the new profile of the student this is shaped amid existing technologies.

It’s miles really worth noting that modern youngsters, who belong to the so-known as generation Z, are completely immersed in a technological universe and can not conceive of dwelling in society without a few type of generation in normal life, as it’s miles something naturalized of their time Education System. Tablets, smartphones and video video games with their  digital fact  represent a whole size in which they experience flawlessly secure.

Era hurries up many techniques and the velocity of its evolution can leave many human beings lost. As a end result, conventional teaching has offered resistance to those changes, bringing primary troubles in training.This makes it important to pick out a college for our children this is updated and privileges schooling in dialogue with the technological society.

The fact that coaching does not evolve and stays grounded in an previous traditionalism finally ends up inflicting many children to grow to be disinterested and leave them disconnected Education System from college, as they do now not identify with a exercise that isn’t always in their time and does no longer communicate with the modern world. .

Education researchers have mentioned a few essential adjustments to restore the troubles in cutting-edge schooling. See the primary mistakes pointed out by means of these theorists:

Instructor as the center of learning

The best pedagogical evolution on account of new technology Education is that the middle of the teaching and gaining knowledge of manner has emerge as the scholar and now not the trainer as the holder of all knowledge.

Within the vintage school rooms, the instructor held the understanding and transmitted it to the brand new generations, with the help of books that, in flip, have been incomplete and difficult to gather. On this configuration, the trainer turned into the transmitter and holder of all understanding and the student, seen as a “clean slate” served as a repository of data that turned into now not even processed, handiest stored as irrefutable information.

Leaving domestic

But, with the development of society and in particular with the advent of the internet, any facts is a click away and college students can get statistics even without leaving domestic, being able to gather infinite information independently and with out the figure of the instructor ” holder”.

In view of this new social configuration marked by means of technological advances, the trainer is no longer the centralizer of facts to act in want of information and with every other feature, that of a mediator of know-how. That is to say, the educator allows and directs the scholars’ route, and on this sense, it is up to the scholars themselves to find the statistics and convey their personal expertise.

New configuration

In this experience, both teacher and college students are visible as subjects of numerous know-how that may be shared within the educational practice within the school room. The determine of the instructor seems only to mediate and manipulate the Education System occasions within the study room, and in this new configuration, the student has a more function, being capable of explicit his critiques and construct know-how with criticality and autonomy.

This modality of mediating education seems the most viable, doesn’t it? That is, the most accurate component to do inside the classroom space these days.

But, one of the problems in current schooling is that most institutions nonetheless deny this new pedagogical demand, on the grounds that many nonetheless trust that, by means of privileging scholar autonomy and the use of new technologies inside the educational space, this can allow children increase an unhealthy relationship with the internet, thinking of it handiest as a source of enjoyment and no longer the powerful educational tool that it’s far.

One of the primary issues in education is the refusal to pave the way for new technologies.

An smooth way to perceive a traditionalist school (and consequently with most important problems in schooling) is to observe the manner it makes use of cellular gadgets inside the school room.

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