What Is Performance Management?

Performance management is a process that aims to create or configure a work environment in which all employees can enhance their skills. Within this context, the way in which the interaction with each individual is made is defined.  It is based on the main occurrences that arise in everyday life, so that all events offer some kind of learning. Therefore, […]

Self Evaluation Examples:

Some examples of professional self-assessment and how to do yours One of the biggest impasses faced professionally and that prevent career development is the lack of self-knowledge. There are exercises that can be practiced with yourself or in corporations that help to achieve this goal are some examples of professional self -assessment . But why is it important to know […]

Self Assessment Examples:

Obviously, the first tip is to have answered all the questions that you will see in the next topic. Also, Self Assessment :  Be honest and open to dialogue. Show that you have short, medium and long term goals defined. Don’t criticize anyone or blame anyone. Show that you want to use your strengths objectively for the company. Make questions! […]

What Is Stack Ranking Batteries?

Household batteries and batteries present a great danger when disposed of incorrectly. In the composition of these batteries are found heavy metals such as: cadmium, lead, mercury, which are extremely dangerous to human health. Among the evils caused by contamination with heavy metals is cancer and genetic mutations.  Just to clarify, working cells and batteries pose no risk, as the […]